Terms and Conditions

The final closing date for entries is 6 August 2021.

How to enter

The CorpComms Awards 2021 will consider campaigns that ran at any time between July 2019 and July 2021. Initiatives entered in last year’s one-off CovidComms Awards scheme can be re-submitted for these CorpComms Awards, although they may benefit from being updated to take account of any recent developments.

Each entry should not exceed 700 words. There is no need to upload a Word document, as the entries can be inputted directly onto the awards platform. There is save-as-you-go functionality, and entries can be amended until the closing date.

It is advisable, but not compulsory, to structure your entry under the following headings, which do not form part of the total word count.

1) Title of project

2) Company (or client) name

3) Agency (if relevant)

4) Budget It is possible to express the campaign’s budget as a band, such as: -

  • Below £20,000
    Between £20,001 and £50,000
  • Between £50,001 and £75,000
  • Between £75,001 and £100,000
  • Between £100,001 and £150,000

Budgets will remain confidential.

5) Objective or brief, which includes a definition of success

6) Target audience

7) Strategy and implementation

8) Creativity/originality

) Results

The suggested headings are not appropriate for team-related categories or the Young Achiever.

Multiple categories

It is possible to submit the same entry into multiple categories, although a separate fee is applicable for each one. Each entry must have its own set of supporting materials, as it is not possible to ‘share’ across the platform.

While it is not compulsory to adapt the entry for each category, please be advised the judges review several categories and they may not be impressed by identical entries. It could count against an entrant.

Overseas entries

The CorpComms Awards are designed as a UK-based programme. However, entries from overseas companies will be accepted if the work has been conducted on behalf of a UK-based organisation or has a significant British element.


The judges will act with discretion regarding the information provided by entrants. However, CorpComms Magazine will use submissions to produce articles on the winning entries for a Book of the Night, highlighting what made them stand out, which is distributed after the ceremony. These are also shared online. Consequently, if specific information needs to be kept confidential, please indicate this.

Supporting materials

Supporting materials can be uploaded as one file or as separate files. The maximum file size is 40mb.

The logos of the organisation submitting the entry, plus those of any client or agency involved in the work MUST be supplied.

Twitter handles are also welcome. Images can bring an entry to life. We require at least two images (supplied as jpeg files) of all campaigns. Should an entry reach the shortlist, these images will be used at the awards ceremony and may also appear online at www.corpcommsmagazine.co.uk.

Press cuttings are acceptable, but please be selective.

Videos can be uploaded as mp3 files. If there is a link to an external YouTube or Vimeo channel, these should also be supplied. In normal circumstances, we require videos of any event but recognise this may not be possible.

Please supply a PDF or online link to any corporate publication. If this is not possible, at least two front covers plus a selection of internal spreads are required to give the judges a flavour of the publication.

Entries for the in-house team and Young Achiever categories should be accompanied by images of the team or the individual. However, we appreciate that remote working may make it difficult to produce team photography prior to the awards deadline. Shortlisted teams will, however, be required to provide team photographs at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

Please ensure that any passcodes are supplied with entries, and that these do not expire before 30 September. We will endeavour to alert you to any technical issues related to supporting materials prior to judging, but we are not responsible if the judges find themselves unable to access password-protected materials.

Payment terms

If a PO needs to be raised or a new supplier form needs completion, these should be submitted at the time of entry to enquiries@corpcommsmagazine.co.uk. All invoices must be paid within 28 days of issue. Entries with outstanding fees as of 6 September 2021 will be removed from consideration, but payment is still liable.

Cancellations and refunds

Entries can be withdrawn from the CorpComms Awards until 31 August. Fees are non-refundable.


We will endeavour to offer feedback on why an entry has not been shortlisted, if requested, although this may not always be possible.